Sunday, February 14, 2016

Make us Loveable Oh Saint Valentine!!!!!!!

 I have been reading the newspapers for last 15 days about the Valentine’s day celebration all over the world. The young people who are anxiously waiting to celebrate it in a grand fashion to express their love for each other. The older generation may not do the same way but they will definitely express their feelings and appreciation through smiles and acknowledgment of their love for one another. There are some people who have opposed the celebration even since it arrived here in India. They have their reason and philosophy. There are companies and social media who are preparing to market some goods and products on this day and they have succeeded as the response from both young and old is positive. The Hotel and restaurant industry too promotes this celebration not only from the point of getting customers and making money but to spread love in the society. The day is connected with a particular religious saint in whose honour it is celebrated. We need to see the history and its importance.

  Why it began and why it cannot be celebrated in other cultures. Will it harm and destroy a particular culture. What is good in other culture must be taken to enhance what we have. Today when we speak about Valentines’ day many of us think of a particular aspect of love and not the whole and totality of Love. We need very urgently a love that will heal our society and world which is fragmented. We need to bridge the gap and divide that is there around us and we can only do this with pure and sincere love. 

Human Love is such a magic that even animals accept and reciprocate that love. Love shared among the humans can work wonders and miracles. There are so many people who need our human love which can make their lives brighter and worth living. Love that crosses boundaries and cultures can open a human heart to receive it and spread around. Love is not loved, said St. Francis of Assisi in 12th Century and it is very true even today. Love is not loved, many waiting for this love. So many abandoned children and parents anxiously waiting for the touch of human love. Few words of love bring up a spring of hope and joy.

 Love can open the locked flood gates of hatred and animosity into ever flowing water of forgiveness and acceptance. Sincere and pure Love can allow one to see beyond oneself and see miracles happening every moment all around. Love has the power and strength to uproot the evil that can corrode and break our human relationships. Love moves us to build up bridges of unity and union. Let this love be spread all over. The present day world is in danger of another war, but sharing of love can stop this hatred for one another. Let love prevail upon us. Let all our thoughts, decisions and agendas be guided by Love….. 

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