Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ravi Ashram, Banakal, Chickmangalore

The Capuchins came here to serve the people who worked in the Coffee gardens. The owners of the estate too were looked after by the Capuchins. The senior friars who have worked very hard here is Late Fr. Cyril Andrade. Later Friars Dominic and Cornelius too have worked for the development of the parish. The spiritual life of the parishioners was the main apostolate of the friars. Friar Cornelius built this beautiful church. He got the support of the coffee owners as well as some benefactors he raised this edifice. 
 The friars had a small boarding which housed some students over the period of years. This is a mountainous area and the villagers had limited access to the towns. The friars looked after the boarders who attended the local school and stayed with the friars. Some of these boarders have become priests and others have done well in their lives.  

 The place is always foggy and in winter it is very cold....even today the temperatures are very low....the parish priest is Friar Sudeep Santa.....and Friar Charles is assisting hime. There are 120 families around the church and they have two sub-stations where there are about 40 families. The friars look after their spiritual needs.

 Friar Sudeep is also the Guardian......Friar Charles has doctorate in Franciscan spirituality. He goes for classes and preaching Franciscan retreats.....he has been formator all through his life. He is loved by many friars.

 Saturday is the Catechesis time not many children come as they live far away....those who are close by come on Saturday and others on Sunday....

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