Monday, June 10, 2019

The Inauguration of new Academic year at La Vernan, Theology House

Ever since we have started our formation house in the year 2012 we have had four batches of our friars gone out and are now ordained Capuchins working in the province as well as in Italy and SA. The Campus is called mini-Vatican as there are numerous religious congregations of Male and female who have formation houses. The students attend classes at the JDV, Papal Seminary Pune. It has been a blessing for the Capuchins to have a house on the campus and the experience has been very positive. There are about 900 students studying Philosophy, Theology, Masters and other ongoing formation programs. They come from all over India so they bring rich culture and heritage of their own states. There is sharing and exchange of views and spiritual and religious experiences.

Our Fraternity began its monthly recollection on 9th Morning with an hour of Adoration conducted by Br. Michael Fernandes…..shared reflection on the gifts of the Holy Spirit….the difference at the time of tower of Babel and at the time of Pentecost

The fraternity gathered at 9am to listen to the conference delivered by Br. Michael Fernandes on the theme: Francis and Capuchin Franciscan Charism. We had one hour at our disposal to enfold our rich Capuchin spirituality and charism

In the evening at 4.30pm the Provincial Minister Br. Philip Gonsalves delivered a key note address to begin the new academic year 2019-20. The talk was followed by some instructions for the formees. There were many clarification and certain traditions of our Capuchin way of living were once again forcefully reinforced.

At 7pm we began our solemn Eucharist presided by the Provincial Minister and during the Eucharist nine students renewed their vows for one year. The homily preached by Br. Michael touched the aspect of opening the closed and locked doors of our lives with the help of ever present Holy Spirit
The Second year Brothers.....
First year Brothers
 The Deacons...
The Provincial Minister Br. Philip Gonsalves

The second year brothers....

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