Friday, June 28, 2019

Make my Heart Like Yours!!!!!!!!

Human heart is centre of every emotion, which builds and destroys relationships. It pours out all the emotions and feeling on the other human beings as well as on animals. At the same time the heart also keeps negative feelings and emotions….it also contemplates of doing some harm to the enemies….but that is not the real nature of the heart….basically it is pure, chaste and holy…it can only think good and only good. The heart keeps contemplating every single moment to give more and more till it bleeds. It searches and longs those whom it loves…it is ready to go any distance and miles to bring back those who have broken relations and gone away …..The human heart is ready to undergo any amount of sacrifices and pain….it only knows to do good and serve the others

 The Lord Jesus is like a shepherd who makes sacrifices for us….he thinks of us….ready to sacrifice….takes our place in order to save us and give us good life…he looks at our hearts and not at our sinful conditions…he provides graces to come out of our sinful situations. He wants us to be safe, thrive, grow and be strong amidst the negative culture…..but Jesus is willing to give life in order that we be saved…
He has loved us with an everlasting love and wants us to come back to Him to experience, taste and live this love….he came down with divine heart and still he is close to our human heart with his ever presence in the world….His divine love made human dwells among us…..
Jesus puts us all on his shoulders to be carried to the eternal Father….He prepares us and slowly makes us totally to surrender to His person, our love for him should be pure and steadfast….our heart be always clean and perfect dwelling place for him. Sometimes we are cold to his love which has got warmth and forgiveness and mercy….He calls us to make our heart a dwelling place for Him.

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