Monday, May 21, 2018

Humility is the Crown of a Monk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visited Songaon Friary and there are 5 friars working in the Parish and school....the school has grown with 700 students and they have sent their first SSC batch for board examinations.
St. James, knowing well our frail human condition, reminds us to choose God over the desires of the flesh and worldly allurements. He encourages us, "Draw close to God and he will come close to you." God wants to give us true happiness but we must be humble enough to give up our sinful behavior. Nowadays in our society, at home and in the work-place, everyone wants to be first. People jockey for promotions and the best assignments, to be given the most recognition. Everyone wants to be the best and the greatest. On the other hand God wants his followers to be the smallest, the kindest, the simplest, the most child-like. This was the example lived by Jesus, his only begotten Son. So if we wish to be like God's Son Jesus, we must choose the path of the lowly, the abject, the poor.In similar fashion, in the Gospel reading, Jesus surprises his disciples when he says that to be first one must make himself the servant of all. Jesus himself taught and lived this path of humility and selflessness. We pray that this could also be our path. Are we ready to walk and live this path, of being small, least and last? Jesus tells us this is the path to being first in God's eyes.
The newly built cathedral of Nashik.....the Capuchins have worked here for 10 years and then the Bishop asked us to leave as he wanted his clergy to take over.....

 Capuchin Ashram in Nashik City....our philosophy house....first year brothers after their post novitiate have already come to attend classes in the Philosophy house of Salesians......the total number of Philosophy Capuchins are 18.

The house is surrounded by green garden....lot of birds like chickens, ducks, rabbit.....

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