Monday, May 7, 2018

Life is a Journey!!!!!!!! 55 years of Joy and Happiness!!!!

This morning while celebrating Eucharist in my home parish, I shared my experience of life as journey, which goes on well when supported by prayer and Faith in God. When we rely totally on the support and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the lessons, hardships, heartburns, joys, celebrations and the purpose of life gains meaning and significance.. When the Holy Spirit is present in our lives, the road may look tough and rough but He makes it smother, the road may not be visible but the light of the Holy Spirit will make it visible.  We may encounter may problems and hurdles but the Holy Spirit will assure that we arrive at our destination filled with happiness and contentment. 

The coming of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles and disciples made them bold and courageous so it happens to each one of us when we call on the Holy Spirit. Then life challenges will makes us bold and courageous, will strengthen our resolutions, our weaknesses will be removed and filled with strong faith to carry on the journey of life. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our human life will see that we overcome all obstacles and make ourselves an abode for the Lord, some of these obstacles will bring a lot of happiness because they will teach us holy lessons to live a spiritual life. 

In my 55 years of life I have confronted many situations with the presence of the Holy Spirit along with me, some moments were really tough, difficult and very challenging but listening and surrendering to the indwelt Holy Spirit I have been able to over come and be joyful.  When life is rough and things don’t go as we expect, I have learnt to rely on the guidance and support of the Holy Spirit, some situations in life demand complete dedication and focus but as Human being we lack those spiritual energies if not in communion with the Holy Spirit. With the promptings of the Holy Spirit the temporary hurdles and obstacles run away. One thing, which I have learnt in life that when we make negatives as our strength and part of our existence, we slowly destroy ourselves to no point of return.  The negative behavior and mentality does not take us to future but makes us to live in the past thus not allowing to enjoy the present moment. 

I have met many friars and friends who have been sources of inspiration to me and take them as a gift of God and they were destined to be part of my life. I thank for their presence in life because each has beautified my life with their wisdom and person. Each one came into my life with a reason and purpose to mold and shape me.  Most of them have stayed with me in thick and thin days, inspired me to live the call and vocation in faith and trust. Most of them had profound impact and impression on my life including my family. I have learnt lessons to live life in accordance with the promises that I have given to the Lord. They have encouraged me to go on in my journey, as Capuchin and words are not enough to express my gratitude and love towards them.  Their words and deeds are not a history but living memory, which is in the Library of my heart. I open visit this library to read the books of memory, which strengthens and makes me to live those precious moments again. How can I forget their valuable suggestions and advices, insights and inspirations, which make me stronger in my weak and dark moments, ups and downs of life. Everything that has happened in my life has happened for good and for a reason. I don’t regret but lift up my heart in gratitude to the Lord. 

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