Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Holy Spirit Creates communion with Christ......

A stupendous page of the prophet Ezekiel will certainly help us to understand the testimony that the Holy Spirit will always make to the disciples and to the world of Christ Jesus. It is the Spirit of God who will always have to make Jesus alive in the hearts. (Ez 37: 1-14).

Man and also the disciple of Jesus is this valley full of dry bones. If the Holy Spirit daily does not put in the heart Christ, Wisdom, Truth, Eternal Life, Grace, Light, Holiness, Father's Will, never the disciple, never the world will know the true life. Everyone can also know the Scriptures by heart. It is a dry, sterile knowledge. One can also possess all theological science. Even this knowledge is sterile, arid, it does not produce fruit. The Holy Spirit comes, "creates" Christ in our hearts, the Living Christ, the Crucified Christ, the Resurrected Christ, the Christ Mystical Body, Christ the Church, Christ the eternal Word of the Father and the disciple of Jesus begins to move, he gives signs of real life, rises again. Without the Holy Spirit, the disciple of Jesus lies in the sepulcher of a moldy knowledge of God and a dead science of Him.

The testimony of the Holy Spirit is not the memory of what Christ did. This memory serves little to those who are dry bones scattered in the valley of the world. What is needed is the perennial "creation" of Christ alive in the heart, in the mind, in the soul, in the body, in the thoughts, in the desires, of the will. The Holy Spirit "creates" communion with the Christ who lives today, today reigns, today wants to enter the heart, today wants to be through his disciple operator of salvation and redemption. 

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