Friday, May 18, 2018

Feast of Pentecost.....Be my Witnesses!!!!!!

The feast of Pentecost is being celebrated all over the world with enthusiasm and religious fervor. The Charismatic rallies are being organized and many good souls will be baptized with the Holy Spirit. The most important part of the feast is the calling by the Lord to be his witnesses. Witnesses filled with the Holy Spirit to speak in the name of the Lord, to do what He did, to speak the words, which He spoke…to be witnesses of fraternal, healing and forgiving love. The Witnesses of Jesus’ forgiving Love even to forgive and love enemies. 

Witnesses are not frightened when they receive the Holy Spirit…. the witnesses don’t lock themselves in….but being bold and courageous go out to preach….heal, love, build and bring peace and communion. The gifts are not meant to be wrapped up in a nice paper but to be opened and shared…. the spirit of wisdom to guide other, the gift of understanding to bring closer those who have gone away and to counsel those who are groping in darkness and doubt. 

The gifts of Holy Spirit will make us restless in order to spread good news. The gifts will take us to those places and people where nobody wants to go and talk to. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are a big instrument in building bridges of love and forgiveness. The Holy Spirit will encourage us to talk and have a dialogue with people who seem to be our enemies. The Holy Spirit will empower us to carry out the mission of the Lord. 

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