Monday, November 14, 2016

Fr. Hugo visits Ghana Mission of St. Francis Province Kerala

 Br. Hugo along with lay missionaries visited Ghana mission....they were impressed and happy to see the mission work of the Friars....from St. Francis Province Kerala

 Lay Missionaries will help the missions by staying in the missions and collaborating with the friars

 The life in the mission is tough but the friars are also tough and strong in prayer and commitment

 The hard life that people live there is very impressive and moves ones heart and soul

 Bad roads....yet the mission goes on.....preaching the good news in every nook and corner

 The future of Ghana is shaped by active and committed missionaries

 They want to see Jesus and also a helping hand

 They are all joyful because they feel accepted

 Planning out for the future
 we love you.....come back soon to be with us

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