Monday, November 7, 2016

The 1st Session of the Pan African Assembly

The PANAFRICA assembly began with some information.....The Custodian of Ivory Coast greeted and welcomed all the friars… is first time that all the African provincials and General council is here. The act of confidence,,,,,the government has given security for the Friars since we are from every part of the world
The General Councilor for Africa Br. Norbert, explained the purpose of the assembly to share fraternally among us. How can we improve the implantation of the Order in this part of the world. Our conversation and dialogue should take place in mutual respect and in a fraternal respect.

Br. Hugo is the moderator for the day. He invited all the participants to present themselves. It was a brief presentation of the participants. 
Br. Fermin explained the Logo, that we may be one. Jesus is around us in profound communion with us. The logo is based on the text from the Gospel of St. John….keep them and make them work together…share joyfully their problems fraternally…..
The General Minister then delivered his keynote address. It is opportune to reinforce the fraternal bonds among the two conferences and then each conference……three days stay together will really build up our communion and relationships….to know each other….the observation to be made….it is opportune to build up communion….we have 5 provinces and many custodies, delegations and houses of presences….many of you have a strong rapport with Mother Provinces…..many of them are general Custodies, the rapport is not as that one with a Mother Provinces. The Mother Provinces in Europe are becoming old and the numbers are going down….the financial situations in Europe are still good and can support the realities in Africa….the Missions maintained by the Indian provinces cannot financially support the missions in Africa……but the General Curia is taking care of them.

The two presidents of the conferences would now speak to the assembly. Both of them narrated the ministries and apostolates in their respective conference,,,,,their challenges and other difficulties….Two points arose from their sharing that is there should be two general councillors and the conferences to be divided because of the African reality.
There was sharing and clarification, questions and answers were sought by the members after the presentations.
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