Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Be Models for the Others - Morning Eucharist by Fr. Thomas Zulu

Br. Thomas Zulu said in his homily that when you are a servant and a model you don't have to say or proclaim because every can see it and experience. The need to be a model for the others is the urgent call of the day which all of us as sons of St. Francis 

 Before we fall into that pit, the Lord admonishes us to think of ourselves as “unworthy servants” and warns us not to have a bloated ego in times of success but to remain His humble servants. He is the real Master. On our part, we should seek the last seat, do our duties with dedication so as to give Him greater glory. One day we will be surprised that He who sees our secret thoughts and intentions will say: “ My friend, move up higher.” When the Lord affirms and rewards us, we can never be proud but remain humble and thankful for showing us His mercy and generosity. And, even if he calls us His friends, He remains our real Master.

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