Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don't worry and Be happy because the Lord is with us!!!!!!!

 All of us have dreams, ambitions and goals in our lives. Though we work very hard, rarely are all dreams, ambitions and goals fully achieved.  There will always be problems and obstacles on the way. Ultimately the goal of all is salvation and enduring happiness.

 Jesus preached this goal of salvation and eternal life with God; he also proclaimed that the kingdom of God is already with us and yet not fully with us. He lived and died for us to show us how to live for eternal life.  He called on all his followers to mirror his life and values, as evidence of God’s presence and kingdom in out midst.

 In today’s Gospel reading Jesus tells us of hindrances and obstacles in our quest for happiness and eternal life.  Self-proclaimed false prophets could lead us astray; those who follow Christ would be misunderstood, mistreated and even persecuted. In all these challenges and obstacles, Jesus assures us of his support. 

 The first reading from the prophet Malachi assures us of the triumph of God’s justice: the wicked will be punished and destroyed while the just will shine in the presence of God.

The saints and blessed in heaven serve as examples and models for us in our quest for God and eternal happiness: with God’s grace, despite all troubles, obstacles and difficulties, we can reach our goal.

We pray that we may truly take heart in pursuing our eternal goal with the accompaniment and grace of God.  May we persist and persevere in this lifelong arduous task.

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