Friday, November 4, 2016

Br. Carlo Calloni celebrates his Feast Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Br. Carlo is the General Postulator of the Order. He is the one who initiates the process of making our holy Friars as saints. He is very good at his job. He is very much involved in this process and goes out to make everything possible for our provinces to speed up the process. 

 He celebrated this morning eucharist and very good homily on the Gospel of the Day......the creativity of the Administrator........The gospel is a bit hard to understand.  Why does the master praise his steward for stealing his money?  Because to him money is not important.  What is important is how we use it.  Maybe we are always worried about money.  So we try so hard to earn a lot of it, sometimes even steal it, save it, invest it.  We are so preoccupied with money. The gospel gives us a hint on how to use money.  We should realize that the money we have does not really belong to us, we are just its stewards.  God is the owner of all our wealth.  
 Let us live our lives doing what the Master wants.  Even if you have up to now been running after money all your life, it is never too late to start running towards Jesus. He alone can bring us to our true homeland which is heaven.
 The presence of all the friars is always a joy ....The presence of Br. Cantalamessa is really inspires many of us....

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