Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to Br. Gianpiero Gambero to CCMSI

The Global Economic recession has hit every one including the Church. Europe has been a big donor towards the projects of Africa and Asia but due to economic recession these projects have taken a beating as the funds are not regular. The Capuchin Order in late 80 came up with the idea of Economic solidarity among the brothers. This solidarity instantly became popular phenomena in the Order. The rich provinces of America and Europe began to contribute towards this fund. The fund was regulated by the solidarity commission in the curia. The Poor and growing provinces of Latin America, Africa and Asia were financially supported from this fund. This fund has been a big blessing in the developing countries who benefited a lot in their process of growth and expansion. As the whole world is experiencing economic crisis the contribution and donation from the provinces which were once big contributors are not able to support. The economic commission is experiencing a big dilemma as to how to support the projects of Asia and Africa. The General Definitory has been communicating with the provinces in Asia and Africa to find ways and means to be self-sufficient. The provinces are encouraged to utilize the resources they have at their disposal. In this direction the CCMSI thought of inviting Br. Gianpiero Gambaro, the Provincial of Genovo, Italy and the legal representative of the Order. He has been active in the economic field and has been a great support to the general curia. For last few days he is going round in our Conference animating the provinces regarding self-sufficiency. He has already visited the south and north Tamil Provinces, Mary Matha and all the four provinces of Kerala. On 26th August he will address all the provincials of CCMSI. We thank whole heartedly Br. Gianpiero for his knowledge and expertise in the field of economics. The CCMSI is will definitely profit from his animation towards self-sufficiency. Thank you dear Br. Gianpiero,  
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