Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mission and Missionaries

While i was in Formation house and the Ugandan Missionaries would visit us and speak about their missionaries experiences. It was just a formality i thought. But today visiting these places was a reality and a life long experience.

They were doing it in order to motivate us and many young friars did respond to their call. These days as i am going round and visiting the same very places about which i had heard from the friars i thanked God for the hard work of the friars. One can only imagine what it must have been 25years ago and what it is today, It is sheer hard work of the Capuchins. You can see that they have given their heart, mind, body and soul for the development of these mission places.
I visited the following friaries which are far away from Kampala like Kanyogoga, the present Novitiate House, Busunju where the Capuchins have a friary, parish, two schools and boarding. The newly erected mission parish is Kasese where two friars are working. I visited the place driving from Kampala for six hours and returning on the same day. But it was a wonderful and interesting visit. The humble and poor people, very welcoming and accommodating. There is a lot of work done by the friars for these people. 
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