Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Day in Uganda

One week's stay in Uganda has come to an happy end. It was memorable visit to the Custody and to see and experience friar-s mission work here. It was learning experience and a first hand look at the mission work of the friars. I visited all the friaries except one which is a little distance away. Travelling is comfortable as the roads are good and smooth. I am leaving the custoday with great satisfaction and contenetment,. I wish and pray that the friars work hard to make this custody a great jurisdiction which will live out the capuchin charims in Ugadan way. There are many great challenges and difficulties which they will have to confront and over come. The animation is another big challenge. Let us all pray for the growth and success of the custody.
 Brothers Dolphy, Maxim, Francis and Bishop
 Friary at Jinja
 Visit to the sisters of  St. JosephTaubs
 Source of River Nile
 The Cathedral of the st. Charles Luwanga
 At the source of Nile and Lake Victoria merging with Nile
Small grotto of BVM at Jinja friary
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