Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Tribute to Br. Francisco Iglesias

A great Capuchin Friar who was simple and humble like St. Francis of Asssisi. He was my professor in the University of Antonianum, Rome in the year 1995-1997. He was one of those finest and best professors that the university had. He had his own style of teaching and communicating. He was wise and intelligent but never ever he demonstrated in his talk, speech or behavior. He was simple and humble friar who was dedicated to the profession of teaching, No wonder the Order assigned him many big responsibilities because everyone knew his abilities. He was kind towards the students., When it came to examinations he would ask us to summerize his entire course in ten minutes. And if the student would pin point the most important aspect of his lessons, br. Iglesias would award good marks to him. i have had the fortune of dealing with him during my studies in the university. Infact i requested him to be my moderator for the Thesina but due to his manifold responsibilities he could not take up. He suggested me the theme "The Human Face of Jesus in the writings of St. francis". I did not write a thesina but wrote a small paper as a fulfillment for the examination. 
He was great Capuchin with simple heart and love towards all. While teaching he would not tolerate any disturbance. He would inform us that if one is found doing it he would be sent out. So there used to be a pin drop silence.
May God grant him eternal rest and may his soul rest in Peace. Long Live Br, Iglesias
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