Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Source of Nile River Jinja

The Capuchins are here for 20 years in Jinja where they have a big parish and a school. Wonderful place to live and work. There are many religious congregations working here. They have a common philosophy house. The famous Nile river has one of its sources here. I visited the place and you can see the water source. It is in this place the lake Victoria and Nile river meet each other.
The friars are busy with pastoral and educational work. It is a town where the Indian Business men have worked for number of years and then they were asked to leave the place. Today there is a rich Indian who runs a sugar factory and other business too. He is very charitable it seems. May God bless him.
Tomorrow we celebrate Indian Independence day and the Feast of Assumption of BVM. Let us pray that our Mother Land receives the blessings of Mother Mary for a good future for all citizens.

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