Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sacrament of Reconicliation - way to renew and come back to self

I spent three days hearing the confession of the penitent in a parish. It was a great moment for me as a general councillor we get no pastoral ministry as we animate the friars. I took this chance and went to a priest friend who was all the more happy when he heard that i would help him for confessions. The parishioners were well prepared by the Pastor.....the people who confessed were not just rattling something out of obligation but in order to change and experience God's mercy, compassion and pardon....Good number of them came after many years of having given up the sacrament....they come and pour out their life stories....sometimes it gets difficult to give more time to one penitent as there are many waiting ........i had two penitents who came after a long absence.....they just spoke and cried...i listened and just spoke few words......they came heavy hearted but returned light and joyous....experiencing the Pardon of the was an eye opening and heart opening to me sometimes we take for granted our sinful if we are all holy and spiritual....listiening to the penitents.....i said to myself that the need and practice of reconciliation should be cultivate and promoted by all...

The Catholics all ove the world would agree with me that the sacrament of Reconciliation is the means to know, renew, re-fashion and return to the Lord, others and to oneself. The sacrament prepares one to receive the pardon and mercy from the Lord and one receives also the commandment to share or to show the same to those who are in need. The sacrament challenges us in today's world to live a perfect Christian and evangelical life by really repenting of all the sins and giving a witness to the people who have gone away for this great sacrament of reconciliation. Christ has reconciled us by dying on the his body and shedding His blood for all of us to get united and reconciled with God the Father.

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