Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lazarus Come out!!!!!!!!A call and Invitation for all of experience the light of Resurrection....

 When Jesus said that  "he was the resurrection," he was claiming that he was the source  of all life; he was claiming that  he was divine.  Jesus does  more  than give  life; he is life and therefore death  has no ultimate power  over him.  And  he assures life to those  who  believe  in him. He promises them  eternal  life.

     Martha  proclaimed her faith  in Jesus: "Yes, Lord,  I have come  to believe that you are the Christ,  the Son of God, he who  is coming into  the world."

     The resurrection of Lazarus  foreshadowed the resurrection of Jesus, except that  it  was  the  mortal life  of  Lazarus  which   was  restored; Lazarus  would die again.  In the resurrection of Jesus, he conquered death;  through his resurrection he has invited all of us to rise also to eternal  life with  him, "Whoever believes  in me, though he die, shall live."

     Do we believe these  words of Jesus?  When  Jesus raised  Lazarus  from the dead,  he told  the  people to remove the stone  at the  tomb so Lazarus  could come  out.  Similarly we  ask  the  Lord  to remove from   in  front of  us  those  things which   keep  us from  a full  life  with  Christ:   this  is what  faith  is all about - to remove whatever hinders us in allowing Jesus to be the Lord  of our life.

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