Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Association of the Franciscan Families in India - Annual Assembly in Varanasi UP

 Giorgio Borgoglio spoke of God in the periphery!Until we make the Periphery the centre, we fail to respond to the Cry of the poor which is the cry of GodWe are gathered here to respond to our inner voice that proceeds from God, the poor, the daridhra naraayana. It does not mean God is poor but the poor is God. (Celano )
  the Church

 We have a Franciscan as head of the Church who said that his name and mission is Francis! - The Church often felt the need to go back to the Poverty of Jesus as opposed to the earthly riches of the Church

The followers of Francis had and still have great temptation to get back into the life style of Assisi – to become the bosses, to be in higher positions, to have comfortable establishments, to have regular income, to have self sufficiency, to enter into some sort of money involving, comfort based life style. This tension between charism and Institutionalism Captures the attention of every Franciscan to this day.Hence this disturbing theme for us to pray to God of the Poor, to save us from Temptation

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