Sunday, October 27, 2013

Three Days of Fraternal sharing comes to an end

This Morning during the Mass the Celebrant said that it was an experiential coming together and it has been blessed by the presence of the Lord Jesus. The brothers who had prepared the Liturgy well was the hallmark of the day. After the breakfast we gathered together for a final session which ended at 12.30pm. The New Zealand Mission was discussed as one friar from there was invited to speak about the collaboration. There is request from Ireland Province to take over the custody of New Zealand. The brothers asked many questions which were professionally and experientially answered by Br. Ephrem who is in New Zealand for last 7 years. The brothers agreed to take over if asked to.
The question of formation was discussed at length. The Province is blessed with many good vocations and the promotion is systematically done by vocation promoters. The very essential elements of Capuchin Formation were given to them by me. I called all the friars to form our young friars for fraternal living.
At the end there was time for some clarifications and any other points.
I once again voiced out the concern of the Order and the Church regarding the abuse of Minor and vulnerable adults. We discussed the statement of the General Chapter too.
The Provincial minister thanked one and all.
I concluded with some reflection regarding animating oneself and the fraternity.

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