Saturday, October 26, 2013

2nd Day Morning Session

The morning began with a special prayer conducted by me on the theme of "Challenges to be Capuchins and Interpersonal relationships". We spent one hour in reflection and mediation in the chapel. 

At 8.30am we started our session with a hymn and the topic on the agenda was about reconciliation among the brothers. We had a very open and fraternal discussion. Everyone spoke that we dont have any kinds of differences and serious problems. But some friars expressed that there are hurt feelings nursed by some but not tackled by the leaders. We agreed that those who have hurt feelings must have a dialogue with the provincial Minister. 

We also discussed the issue of Bifurcation of the Province. There were opinions expressed in favour of the division with immediate effect and others expressed opinion against reasoning that we need some more time. The final recommendation was that we take up the matter in forthcoming chapter in 2014 as to within how many years we should divide. The decision everyone accepted that we need to divide in order to grow, North indian Province of St. Fidelis is very huge with 7 civil states.

Then we took up the circular letter of General Minister "YOU are our Faith". There was a lively personal sharing. Many shared what was done in the year of faith in their communities and parishes.
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