Friday, October 25, 2013

Afternoon session

What a lively session! Participation cent percent! wonderful and thought provoking interventions of young and old friars. I am impressed the way moderators handled the day. This afternoon the discussion revolved around responsibly handling the finances and being transparent. No private bank accounts without the permission of the Provincial Council. All agreed with voice saying we are Capuchins and we need to be poor and depend on the grace of God.

I presented a short background of the economic situation of the General curia and how it is difficult to support the provinces through economic solidarity, A call given to all in order to be self sufficient. I suggested some ways and means to achieve this goal. One of them is to train young talented friars for the apostolate of teaching, The Province has got number of schools and the friars can teach and ear. Teaching could be a way to be evangelizers to non-christians. Most of the students are all non-christians. The friars have a golden chance to spread the good news of the Lord.
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