Friday, March 24, 2017

Why Hate Someone?

We feel hatred towards others, beloved ones and ourselves. Today there are people who express their hatred towards everything like, God, Church, religion, politics etc. There are people who carry hatred in their hearts and minds and suffer from it terribly. They get into psychosomatic sicknesses, which medicines cannot heal or cure only by removing it from our hearts can cure. I have come across many people in my ministry who harness hatred and then allow them to get into a negative mood all through life. Hatred brings a bad feeling because it is bottled up and dangerously waiting to explode one day. When we have hatred towards others and when we express it towards them through words, deeds and gestures we hurt those innocent ones for no fault of theirs.

The best thing we can do is to release it slowly and resolutely otherwise it gets complicated. We need to focus on the main cause and reasons of hatred. After which we need to work on those reasons and remove them completely and totally from our lives.

Today there is a lot of hatred towards other religion because of lack of sufficient knowledge of that religion. We know that all that is happening today in our society is due to hatred towards a particular religion. We see many being persecuted and killed due to hatred towards religions and its principles and teaching. This hatred breaks all bonds and relationships. Hatred brings one to judge and abuse the other. It can happen directly or indirectly. It is a powerful emotion, able to destroy person and even nations. We know the history. We have fought wars due to hatred.

So why suffere from hate…it is good to release and acquire a positive power in its place….if not then we destroy our very person, become very negative and irritating, in process but slowly destroy our hearts……we slowly move toward self-destruction…..during this lent season, allow the grace of Jesus to remove and clean this hatred which is deeply seated in our hearts….be free…..break free……create a better place in us for all…..
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