Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let us pray for the Peace in the World

When i was born i did not know my religion.....I was taught about religion and God as I was growing up. I began to believe and appreciate my religion because i was taught that my religion would bring peace and allow me to experience God's love. And it is true and am grateful to my parents, parish and priests who taught me that Christianity liberates you and grants you eternal life. And as i was studying in the school i encountered many others who did not profess and believe in a religion of mine.....But there was never feeling that they are bad and will not experience peace, joy and spiritual freedom. When began to known them i realised that they too believe in God whose name was different. But slowly in our conversation we came to know that He is the same God but only name, colour is different. We never had a ill feeling towards each other because we grew up knowing and appreciating each others belief and faith. We participated in festivals each year....our appreciation grew day by day. 
And suddenly from nowhere we began to hear, read and see on Television some saying that "this and that" religion is not good, it is not born is foreign religion.....we began to experience violence in the name of religion.....there was hatred created among people....we slowly began to distance from one another....there were evil people who went around telling that we must protect our religion.....the suspicion and doubt grew over the period of we have killing and and murdering the people in religion...people are frightened to speak, write and even profess openly their belief and faith due to  fear of being killed......times immemorial.....people hunt down and kill those who don't belong to their faith....they are forced to embrace to renounce their faith in a God whom they love.

The bomb blasts in religious place, market, schools, parliaments, government places at this minute, all over the world....there is trouble in the name of Loving, compassionate and forgiving God who created all of us in His image and likeness......Young and innocent are getting by day the methods and ways of killing and shooting is changing and new thousand ways are introduced to kill on who does not belong to my fold........scanning through the TV channels....we can see that innocent ones have to leave and run away from terror and suffering....they leave behind all their dreams.....the hard earned properties are all destroyed....their faith and belief in God they carry along with them to find a safer place where they can once again build up their broken lives.....

Today there is fear all over among people......the social media too is one way responsible in spreading this fear.....some of the messages that are forwarded have a negative impact on the minds of people who are already scared of the present situation....let us not spread unfounded news......The world has to come together....let us not talk of religion, temple, church and Mosque but Humanity......Let us look at the person who is now scared to live.....there is no peace.....poor nations are in danger of getting attacked and completely is not enough to pray and collect money for is time for the world to take actions....all religions who believe in a God who is Kind, merciful and loving should come the beautiful....the Mother Earth who has given us everything....let us not destroy irresponsibly....if not then many more parliaments will be attacked....officers on duty will lose their precious lives....many cities will be targeted and bring down the efficiency and economic growth.....many farms all over the world will be wiped away and we will not have anything fresh and green to eat......many streets will be abandoned.....many common places will be deserted....we will not hear the noises of the children playing.....the earth will be without these innocent children....

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