Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Leaving for 3 Provinces of Kerala India

Month of June was the hectic one. We had two weeks of Council meeting. Then we had one week formation program for the New Provincial Ministers. These three weeks kept all of us busy and on our feet. Physically and mentally one gets tired but at the end of the day there a great satisfaction that overwhlems you. You have a great feeling that you are doing for the Orde which you love from the bottom of your heart. The new aprovincials meeting was a learning week, knowing and encountering days with the provincials. 

The Provincials too were open and ready to learn from the course which has its own value and importance. The new provincials showed great and committed interests in attending and learning from it. The General Minister and councilors were all through the week were with the new Provincial ministers. This has been the practice and it does good for the participants. The presence of the entire coucil encourages the participants. They have moments to meet and dialogue with the councilors and as welll as with the General Minister. 

After this new provincials meeting the councilors one by one are on their way to their respective areas for visitation, chapters and attending assemblies. It is great to visit our friars and be with them to animate and listen to them. 

Brothers Pio and Mark are already in Canada Province, French speaking. The vicar general has already left for one of the Eastern european provinces for pastoral visitation. Br. Raffael is visiting North Italy province. The others are all getting ready to leave this week.

I am leaving this evening for Kerala. I will be making a pastoral visitation of St. Thomas from 2-18th July and from 20-8th August of St. Joseph. From 10-3rd September of St. Francis. I am going to be in kerala for two months. It is mansoon and great climate. Everywhere its green during this time of the year. The hills and mountains look great as they are dressed up well with different shades of green colors. The rivers are now getting filled up with rain water. 
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