Saturday, June 27, 2015

Evaluation of the course and concluding Remarks by the General Minister

 How shall we go home from here, what do you bring to house something new which is rich, what do your suggest for the next year for those who come for this course. What experience has made you rich? Having lived here what is your experience of the prayer, food and the course? What suggestions could you give to better this course? We have every year changed something after taking into the suggestions of the participants.
Take back home that I need to be an example
Days were heavy and long, exhaustive days, little more free times required
We are multicultural fraternity and it was a rich experience
Learnt that provincials do have problems in the province but having courage to confront.
The consciousness of the mission spirit
Wanted to hear the challenges of the Order at present
The difficulties and hardships of the friars in other parts of the world
How to organize, animate and move on in the custody, meeting was an eye opener.
I belong to a larger community than my own small world
I learnt many things during this course which I was not knowing
New and learning experience, celebration of brotherhood, a joy to meet many friars
We heard many beautiful things and now like Mother Mary we need to conceive and put into practice
Let us go down as Jesus told his disciples on the mountain. The disciples wanted to pitch their tents but Jesus took them down…….

Every year it is a different but rich experience
Expected a lot from you the provincials like your challenges and difficulties
Experienced internationality here
the provincials could have presented some information about the province….
Recreation could have been better organized

 General Minister summing up the week.....
 Sergio felt at home in the company of all friars
 Portugal provincial sharing his experience of the week

 Victorrius is making a suggestion

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