Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rome to Delhi by Air India

it was direct flight about 8 hours. For the first time I did take this flight. Good service n on time. The flight was full. Many senior citizens who come for Europe trip were on flight. A lot of noise, talk n coughing too. It was good to these senior citizens who have worked hard n now retired enjoying some comforts in life. In India parents give their best for children till they are settled. During the upbringing of children they don't think of comfort of journey n visiting places. A lot of big sacrifices for the children, it was good to see their face full of joy n happiness. I could hear their sharing of experiences. All had to narrate something wonderful.
I reached Delhi at 10am n my flight to kochi is at 6pm. A long wait. But a lot to do n see here in Delhi airport. Window shopping only. Again love watching people of different kinds. People with happy faces n people with swollen n sour faces. They communicate a lot to you. Their expressions n behaviour at the airport teach u great lessons. Young n old are hurying n rushing in life. Life meant to live n be happy then why stress n suffer ending. The world is not going to end. We are all created to make world a better place. But can we make it with our problems and stressed up life. Sometimes we make ourselves indispensable as if the world totally depends n rests on my shoulder. Live n let others live. Let those who don't live their call to be fully human will one day realise that it was a mistake. As one elderly man celebrating 100 birthday said that had he known that he was going to live so long he would have taken good care of his physical n dpiritusl life n would have lived life to its fullest giving all dues to God the creator
Now am on way to Kochi. Hope the flight is on time. Listening to some old country songs. They take you to those rugged n old villages of cowboys,

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