Friday, May 30, 2014

The Chapter of St Anthony concludes on Friday

The second ordinary chapter comes to an end on thursday at 12.45pm with officially declaring it closed by the president. In the morning session the economo gave an birds eye view of the income and receipts of the money. Then the chapter went ahead with the voting of the decisions and recommendations. There were many of them. some of them were deleted as they are already either in the constitutions or the statutes of the Province. It took pretty a long time to get them approved.
The president then gave his concluding remarks calling the attention of all the friars to some of the challenges. The challenges like, prayer and fraternal life, accountability and transparency, economy and future plans for the province. The president at the end in him remarks also gave some suggestions too for better celebration of the chapter.
In the afternoon the ex-provincial took us to their farm house which is about two hours drive from Mapusa. It is a big farm house with many fruit bearing tress mostly cash crops. We also visited the friary under construction which is supported and financed by the economic solidarity.
We visited also the shrine of Padre Pio, Navelim. The church is under renovation. It is a formation house too. 
 We visited the farm house in Sangue about 50 km from the provincial curia. They are constructing a friary for the friars
 The new Provincial Dinesh is explaining the structure to us

 Br. Stefan excited to see the Jack fruit tree with lots of big jacks on the tree

 We were offered the jack fruit by the friars. sweet one
 We made a big round in the farm seeing all the trees and plantations

 Stefan playing with a small puppy
 The Palmolive trees in the farm. Very good for income

 Padre Pio Minor seminary, Navelim, another friary of the province

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