Saturday, September 2, 2017

Do you want to use your talents?

All of us have received gratuitously many talents from the Creator for our own good and good of the others. The talents vary from one person to another and these talents remind us that we are responsible for others, ourselves in the process of growing as human beings. The talents and gifts used in a right way without expecting any results in return always increase them. When the talents are used for the growth of the others and for society it bring tremendous happiness deep down in our hearts. The different talents and abilities take us beyond the horizon to see a different world where someone waiting to receive graces of our talents. We know so many famous people in the world and they are well known and loved, accepted and appreciated for their talents and abilities. Some of these really use their God given talents for the others like serving the poor or spreading love and compassion. These days you watch on TV the program like America got talents ….many nations have these programs…..when I watch the little ones singing with a voice which is cultivated and develop with hard work is definitely gift of God…..I say to myself that these little ones word become messengers of God’s love and peace….sing for the glory of God….

Many are so blessed and gifted with talents and abilities that they could change the society or oneself but unfortunately they use for their own development and glorification rather than for others. Some of them have talents but don’t use due to laziness or sheer fear. I know some people who though not very high in talents but serve the society or church with the limited talents. They either sing or do some other works, like visiting the sick in the hospital, using the art of craft to produce some items to be sold and collect funds for the missions. Many times we need to uncover what our talents or gifts are. Sometimes we don’t see or realize the gifts that we’ve been blessed with and so we miss many opportunities to serve and encourage one another with those unused abilities. Rest assured all of us have been blessed with talents and God expects us to use them to the best of our ability. Do you want to use your talents?
1. Recognise and accept the talents and abilities given by God
2. Work on and develop them could be preaching, singing....looking after the love poor
3. Be responsible in using them positively
4. Keep a goal in using talents
5. Discover in others the same talents and group up for common good
6. spend time in going deeper into discover more...

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