Sunday, September 10, 2017

Speak well and good of others!!!!!!!

Today it has become an order of the day to criticize anyone and everyone. Even those who have skeletons under their pillows also lift the finger of accusation and criticism towards others, sometimes innocent people. We find many people who love to criticize the authority without knowing or going into details the fact of the reality or truth. There are many who only see the negatives and then carry out the character assassination of many innocent ones but have no courage to help or guide those who are really wrong…..I can preach many good and wonderful things asking the listeners to do this or that but I don’t look into myself. To correct someone needs courage and guts, needs a clean and pure heart and mind. It is a responsibility of all but sometimes we sit on the fence and like crows we just go on crowing about everything without touch the heart of the matter. Many agree and have said that to correct is an art learnt not from the pages of the books but in moments of silence in prayer.
There is no one who is not offended by the authority or the authority is not offended by the subjects. There are many who would want to leave scars of offence and criticism on others like friends, companions, family members and friends who then carry these offences and bruises all along….they destroy the peace of mind and the good rhythm of life. Many then end up at the doors of some self declared god men or psychiatrist…who then lead to them to a temporary solution which is not a solution at all…because a real solution lies in the dialogue between the offender and receiver…the words or actions which have inflicted wounds or scars needs to be removed only through sincere apology or dialogue…when we are angry we lose control over selves, over emotions and reasoning…then the tongue become more sharper than ever, it starts war which takes a time to end…then we become totally blind and see only the faults of the others…we forget about ourselves……the sins of the others are just before our bright eyes….our own sins do not matter at all…kindness does not exist at that moment….compassion and forgiveness takes a back seat….they just remain mere words….
What do we benefit by humiliating someone….criticizing others and washing someone’s dirty linen in public….why can’t we be gentle and humble … the reason is that we always want to win the battle over the others…but in the bargain we lose so much….we lose persons, relationships and good will of the others…we lose a golden chance to find a remedy..

Kindness is a language that the dumb can speak and the deaf understand. Correction does much. Encouragement does much more. It is sun to the soul. One word of praise can speak volumes. The smallest word of encouragement today is better than the largest intention to compliment tomorrow. Encouragement is oxygen for the soul. People who say something is unforgivable should get out of the way of people who forgive. (Unknown) We do well to bring others up short with the same gentleness that we would hope they and God Himself would use on our dishonourable selves. 

A Persian proverb says a gentle hand may lead an elephant with a single thread. May ours be that gentle hand. Putting others down should be but a portion of the punishment. For the Christian, the dressing down should be accompanied with forgiveness and, as Lincoln advised, the offer to help the other start again. 

Count the number of people who encourage you. Don't worry. It won't take long. Then count the number of people you encourage. That won't take long either. We tell people to have a nice day, but we are reluctant to make it a nice day for them by paying a compliment or encouraging them.
Ben Franklin tells us when we point a long bony finger at someone, there are three other bony fingers pointing at ourselves. Besides, love your enemies, for only they will tell you your faults. 

Cold words freeze people. Hot words scorch them. Angry words make them angry.
Kind words comfort them. (Blaise Pascal)
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