Friday, November 28, 2014

To search for those Who have been lost.......

“It’s all about going out and meeting God who lives in cities with the poor,” Pope Francis said. “Meeting, listening to, blessing, walking with the people; facilitating the encounter with the Lord are his rule of thumb. 
How true it is. So many are waiting to be touched and cared for on the streets of our Cities. There are those who have been put in such situation and conditions. There are those who have no other way but to live their lives on the streets. We as Christians can bring joy and happiness in their lives by finding them out. Loving and accepting them as they are. Pope Francis is challenging us to break and bend ourselves to these unfortunate ones on our street. How many of them have never heard a loving word or a merciful look from us. We pass by them every day and we dont even have the courage to look at them, May be we are frightened to go out of ourselves in order to give a helping hand. Jesus did exactly the same and brought about joy in their broken and darkened lives. Christ can be found today in these unfortuanate men and women in our cities. Can we let them know that they belong to us and we believe in same God? That we all have to go to the same Creator when we end our Journey here on earth? We need to hear them. We need to make them feel that they are human. The Church and religious orders have a big opportunity to put into practice the good news of the Lord. I am sure there are many who will support our works for these men and women on the streets. 
The work of Mother Teresa is still carried on by her sisters and collaborators. Recently i visited her one convent in Delhi and i was amazed to see the work done by the sisters with the help of so many collaborators in giving new life to men and women either suffering from leprosy or other diseases. All these men and women were found in various parts of the city. The sisters make the Gospel alive and active through their service. The voice of Jesus is heard. The face of Jesus is seen in these men and women. They are lost and find no way to come back. Can we become their way. I am sure each one of us is blessed by the grace and talents given by the Lord to be used for these men and women.

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