Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Second session of our Conference

 Br Iscaria is promoting peace in his province by participating in the programs organized by other NGO's and he himself with the friars visits schools and speaks about peace....he is well accepted by the people in Kerala, very inspiring

 • To deepen the spiritual dimension that supports the JPIC in the context of the culture of Vocation and Culture of Peace. • Encourage and increase participation in networks

 We share daily life, the hopes and suffering of individuals and families in neighborhoods and marginalized in their difficult reality of the unemployed, immigrants, displaced, undocumented migrants and refugees

 "Living among the poor of various nations, we find the weight of domination and dependence each other, social inequality, economic. We measure the consequences of hunger, unemployment, violence, emigration ... We denounce these situations. Together with them and we seek to build or rebuild relationships between people, families and groups ... With them, we look for ways of justice and peace (RV 146 and 147).

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