Friday, October 6, 2017

General Minister Celebrates ~Eucharist this Morning

 A little new born baby takes some time to smile. Once it starts giving smiles, the parents and all others around the baby start receiving it with joy and gratitude. The mother keeps blushing every moment when the baby smiles. The smile of a baby teaches us that we need to receive and then share, give and bring about joy. To welcome a baby is an act of gratitude towards God. Many of us receive many blessings and moments of grace but fail to welcome and receive it with gratitude. The one who receives knows how to use it for oneself and for the others. The one who receives with heart and mind open, knows the value of sharing it with others. The poor who have nothing more but know to share with others with immense gratitude and love towards the Giver.

We fail to receive the presence of the Lord amidst us. We are not grateful to him when he abundantly showers his graces and blessings. When he teaches us the value of life and call. He leads us to green pastures but we prefer to remain where we are. The Lord is not received in us means that we keep all those blessings and graces the he brings along would also be kept far away from us. The enemy can take away all our rights and freedom but he cannot take our right to love and share. We need to share all that the Lord keeps bestowing upon us. The Lord sends many messages to us through many people, are we welcoming and receiving them? Are we like those in the New Testament who failed to receive and even express gratitude? Let us welcome the inspiration and blessing that the Lord would like to fill us with….Let us share those blessings with others whose life could change forever with our sharing.

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