Sunday, October 15, 2017

We are Invited by the Lord

 In parables Our Lord tried to teach us about the kingdom of heaven. In today's parable we are told that all are invited to the kingdom of God. Many originally invited refused to come and even insulted and killed some of the king's emissaries.

     Wishing to fill his already-prepared banquet with guests, the king tells his emissaries to "go then to the crossroads and invite everyone you find to the wedding feast."

     When the king came to his banquet hall, he found one without the required wedding garment. Unable to explain his not having the wedding garment, he is thrown out into the outer darkness.

     In the first reading the prophet Isaiah speaks of God preparing a huge banquet "for all peoples a feast of rich food and choice wines, meat full of marrow, fine wine strained."

     This invitation to God's kingdom is extended to all: an invitation of God's graciousness and grace, all are invited not because they deserve it but because God is generous and gracious. With the invitation comes some accountability: the guests had to put on the wedding garment provided upon entrance to the wedding hall. God's forgiveness is not without our repentance. To share in God's banquet is to share in the life and mission of his Son Jesus. To share in the joy of God's kingdom is to follow his Son Jesus, to love as Jesus loved and to forgive as Jesus forgave.

     God invites us, all together and each one individually. Are we ready to accept? How do we accept his invitation?

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