Thursday, October 26, 2017

Final Day - group presentations-Resolution and recommendation

 The four day meeting of JPIC got over with some recommendation and resolutions....the group took some decisions like starting a yearly magazine, printing of handbook of JPIC for CCMSi.....Bank account.....more animation programs......conscientization of JPIC issues in the provinces and parishes where we work.

 People often raise the question, “Why justice, peace and ecology (integrity of creation) together?” Initially these three words may seem to be an uncomfortable trinity. Yet if one gives sufficient attention to their meaning, we see that together they comprise a beautiful unity. What binds them together is that they all deal with relationships. Peace, justice and integrity of creation all focus on relationality. The central point of JPIC is to help reestablish just relations with God, others and creation. Christ becomes the center: he is our peace, our justice, and the firstborn of all creation.

 Peace is the fruit of good and healthy relationships between persons, communities, nations and creation. Justice reflects well-ordered relationships. Ecology embodies reverential relationships, especially in light of the threats to global ecosystems (e.g. climate change).  JPIC is engaged in building a world that is more just thanks to a preferential option for the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. It is building the Kingdom of God through the proclamation and the living of the Beatitudes

 Following the example of St. Francis we Capuchins strive to establish redeemed relationships. We dedicate ourselves to work wherever we are, with whom ever we live, to bring about this change in relationships as the first priority of our pastoral care for the people and the kingdom of God.  We do this by living and acting in ways that reflect a personal and collective commitment to the transformation of unjust social, economic and political systems which govern our world today.

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