Sunday, January 20, 2019

What do I do when there is Dryness in Life!!!!!!!

This morning I concelebrated Eucharist in my native parish parish priest and he preached an inspiring homily. He touched just one or two aspects of the Gospel narrations. The dryness that sets in our human life due many reasons and some of the reasons are simple and avoidable Dryness brings in our human life elements which are divisive and destruction for oneself and others. when there is no life or no life is lived then comes in broken relationships, we tend to ignore messages of life, we tend to criticize and spoil the names of the others. 
 Dryness can bring in disinteredness in spiritual life. We have no communication with the Divine because in human life there is no desire for anything divine but desire for worldly things...which increases our dryness ....
 When there is fullness of life then we live a serene and happy life. We relate well to the others and God in very normal way. When life is full of divine things then dryness will never come closer to us but we will try to be ever green and make others lives fruitful too.

 At the wedding Feast Mother Mary has tremendous faith and confidence in her son...she knows that prayer and request from the sincere heart  would be heard.....Jesus works the first sign ...sign that showed that much more greater going to come....the kingdom of peace and goodwill....he turned water into wine.....the family where the wedding is taking place are unaware of the running short of the wine...Mother Mary sees it....she wants to protect the family from shame....
 We are like empty jars which hold or contain no water....due to drynes we lose touch with everything and everyone....our lives need to be re-filed with graces and blessings...fresh wine to bring in cheer ..

Friday, January 18, 2019

Lessons for a fruitful and Happy Life!!!!!!!!!

We see the water running and that is why it finds its path or way.....if we be like water and who makes efforts in life can find the path to happiness, success and satisfaction in life.....we must always believe in our capabilities, talents and inner strength and energy not much on the luck....nothing can be achieved with mere Luck but with hard work using all the gifts that God has bestowed upon us as Human beings....What will happen tomorrow is not because of Luck or destiny but because of the use of Capabilities that we have stored in us....sometimes hardly used by us....its time to use all of them to achieve the dreams and goals we have for ourselves and others. 

In  Human life to be successful we need to make many good and positive adjustments and we have to learn them easily because I feel that is also one of the ways and paths to achieve success....don't get get me wrong .....adjustment does not mean adopting corrupt ways to get to the top or achieve the success....because in life we come across many situations where see the fall or the cracks which need support or cementing or joining it you lose nothing because you are trying to support something that you have already only you need to work on...adjustment does not mean negatively surrendering ....but adjustment is that you overcome a situation to achieve your goal

In our human lives we have to always take decisions in all the moments, decisions for ourselves and for others.....but sometimes these decisions are taken in haste or with prejudices, with anger or animosity and that is why we see a negative impact as a result....there is a break of relationships and communication between parties....when we have to take a decision we need a space and time to think over and then take a decision from heart, even if the heart is at on left it always takes the right decision.....when you do something good and yet people criticize don't worry about your name being spoiled because you have done something from a heart that gives a right answer....those who don't want to do good for others are those who are frightened of criticism and worried about name being spoiled....every object has its price and importance......and when the right time comes we know and determine its value and importance. We don't pay anything for the Oxygen that we take in from the of cost but for the same Oxygen we pay in the hospital for the patients....

 Memories and remembrances in life of some unforgettable events shape our present and future course of human life....but sometimes when we think of the moments when we cried and now when we remember it we smile and laugh, and when we laughed at the time of celebrations, we just remember those moments and we cry about it...

There are many people who keep talking or criticizing others, it looks like they have mission at hand...they can speak about any person on earth.....but we don't have to either take their words or them seriously because they are useless to be paid attention your life as you have received from the Lord....s