Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Need of good formators!!!!!!!!

Someone said that today there are more formators than the formees....it may be true.....why is it so? The fact of having big number of formators does it mean that they are all apt and adequate persons to form the formess? If they are there then why good formation is not taking place? why there are so many young seminarians and professed and even ordained leaving their commitment. I don't blame those who form but we could reflect and find out the reasons. It could be that we don't have the right men as formators. The Church invests hugely in the formation. It is well organized and planned but the question is are those who are forming have qualities and aptitude for forming...

 In my presentation some challenges today in the Formation:
       A. The eternal Paradox of the Ideal and the Real
       B.God Experience
       C.Mere functionaries or Men of vision and Mission
       D.The changing cultural scenario
       E.Academic decline or Faulty methodology
       F.Too much of Pastoral involvement in formation
       G. Developing human resours. Cant solve problems

 I presented a power point on the changing scenario in the Capuchin Order.....the statistics.....

 The friars had some questions......the process of Ratio Formationis was explained to them by Charles
 Some brain storming games were conducted by Charles to make the participants to relax....

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