Monday, December 4, 2017

Be Minor, Be Little like little Children........

🔹Jesus had a deep sense of Gratitude towards His Heavenly Father n Great sense of Joy n Enthusiasm towards Kingdom of God. In Jesus life He had His own struggles, such as criticism, rejection, false accusations n so on...but none of dis could stop Him to Rejoiced in the Spirit n Praised His Father. What about me..🔹Am I often spending my days in sadness n complaint?? 🤔
👉🏻Let's learn to count our many Blessings which He has showered upon us.. 👉🏻Let's us learn to imitate our Master Jesus Christ who constantly n persistently "REJOICED" in the "SPIRIT"
Good Morning🙏🏻
God Bless You💐

 This morning Eucharistic celebration......

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