Thursday, April 5, 2018

Jesus is with us

 How often do we fight with our ghosts! In our imagination we build these monsters that embody our fears, our painful memories and make life strange, elusive: is it reality or fantasy? Is it so or do I imagine it like that? And these ghosts often determine our choices, they compress our freedom. What a struggle to get rid of it. What a struggle to maintain a healthy and authentic relationship with our reality.

 The risen Jesus seems to enter into this dimension of the human: after he had already, through his word and his gestures, penetrated the behavior and thoughts of the heart of men, now with his resurrection he gives body to the fears and feelings that orient our life. And he also evangelizes them. Also for this our inner reality that involves and distorts our mind, our heart and our body, the risen Jesus presence has an effect: it brings peace, reconstructs a balance, free from the confusion that does not allow to focus on real and imagined.

 Lord, we entrust ourselves to you, the Risen One! The power of new life in you gives harmony to our people, our body, our spirit, our soul.

 The voice of a monk

"It must be strongly proclaimed: the resurrection of Jesus does not only mean that - as for every great historical figure - his continuous cause, that his teaching does not die, that his message is alive, but that he, his entire human person , dead on the cross and buried, she was resurrected by God to a glorious and eternal life. "

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