Wednesday, April 11, 2018

General Secretariat For Missionary Animation: Br. Hugo Mejia

 The history of the missions of the capuchins have always been glorious, we have many admirable examples. St. Francis said: So it is a great shame for us, servants of God, that the saints have accomplished great things and we by recounting and preaching, want to receive honor and glory. 
 There are young provinces that can take up missions and Implatatio Ordinis. some have many forces, and even if they were few, sharing is not just a gesture of generosity but of confidence in Providence. 
 Today it is necessary to revive this missionary spirit and promote it in the Order....Mission should not be activism. we do not go to a place to do things: we go to live as brothers and proclaim the Gospel. Therefore, we also hope to grow in that place; as is the case with Implantatio Ordinis.
Mission is not a temporary activity that one can leave whenever one decides to. If we go to a mission it is to say, assuming the challenges presented to us, by being creative in finding solutions.
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