Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Friars spent Morning in Personal reflection!!!!Eucharist at Midday

 How big is the love of God for man? It is bigger than any other love that exists on our earth. All the love of the universe, compared to the love of God, is nothing. It is a nothing because it is a love offered by a finite heart, a finite creature, a limited universe. The finite limit is the truth and consistency of our love, when it is pure, most holy, very chaste.

 This love is a gift. It is the gift that the Father gives to us of himself in Christ Jesus. It is a gift that is both spiritual and real, of God and of man, of the perfect God and perfect man, of true divinity and true humanity. This gift is not simple, it is complex, because it is the gift that the Father has given to us from the heart of Christ Crucified, Sliced, Torn, Pierced.

 God's instead is an infinite love, divine, eternal, without limit, without end, without measure. 
What the Lord spared to Abraham did not spare him to himself. Abraham also came to the gift material, but then he was ordered not to reach out to the child. The test was over. God with himself does not stop. He wanted to manifest to man how great his love is: to the sacrifice, to the holocaust, to the bloody death of his Only Son on the scaffold of the cross, into the abyss of the most profound annihilation and humiliation

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