Monday, April 9, 2018

Animation of the Provinces and Custodies by the Ministers ......Discussion in the groups

The experience of the provincials is more or less same....first difficulties they experience is to form the communities.....immediately pressed into office...facing some of the administrative problems and challenges....appointment of formators.....challenges of ageing friars....difficulty of preparing new pastoral plan...the pressure of implementing the chapter mandates....the grace of the Holy Spirit is experienced in communication with the friars...inculturating the Charism in our given up as brothers....lead by examples....The challenge of being controlled by our ministry is one of the biggest challenges that the ministries face.....the centrality of formation and priority for prayer and fraternal life...

Br. Raffaele preparing to present on the theme of Animation of the provinces and custodies by the provincial ministers and custos.....

 The visitation shall be prepared and announced with a letter that declares your desire to meet the friars, to welcome them and to be welcomed fraternally. It is important to show the willingness to dedicate to the visitation all the necessary time; setting a time that is too brief for this service could make the friars think that it is purely a formality to execute.

During the personal sessions the minister, beginning with the concrete situation of the friar, will seek to help to place himself on the path of living faithfully his own vocation.
We must rather recall the friars constantly to conversion and life up in the friars the gospel urgency to convert and believe in the Gospel.
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