Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Afternoon Session on the Second Day

 The morning session was dedicated to listening and deliberating on the Economic report..It was well prepared and presented by Br. Christopher.....provincial economies
Then came the report by Canadian provincial Br. Henry ....he posed challenges and invited the province to get involved in a big way in building and strengthening the Canadian province.
 The report from Zimbabwe Custos gave an overall picture of the custody....its life, ministry and apostolate....he posed challenges, strengths and difficulties....the urgent need of more missionaries to carry on the already established mission stations....
 The social apostolate then presented the report of various social works and activities....the province is doing a lot of good.....the work for Alcoholics is well appreciated....
 Damien is enjoying the company as well as the meal
 The delegate from Zimbabwe Br. Agrippa....does the name remind you of some one historical figure?

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