Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fr. Cantalamessa Celebrates Eucharist for Curia Fraternity

 Fr. Cantalamessa said that prayer should be in total freedom with strong and deep connection and communion with the Lord...
 The men of the Bible were deeply men of prayer and always had strong prayer relationship with the Lord
 In the Gospel reading Jesus answers the Pharisees and the leaders of the Jews, telling them that they have refused to listen to him and accept him, despite the many witnesses for him, God himself, John the Baptist, Moses, and the many good works he has done..

  Indeed, the Pharisees and the leaders were behaving like their stiff-necked ancestors with Yahweh and Moses.

Today's readings challenge us to listen to God and be guided by him in our lives. We could reflect in what areas of our lives have we been like those stiff­ necked Jews. And have we really accepted Christ's "credentials"?

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