Friday, March 9, 2018

Forgiveness is the soul and crown of Being Human

During this Lent we have already decided to give up something in order to celebrate Easter meaningfully. Many of us would like to renounce something very dear and precious to us, I met one of my friends and he said that he is giving up smoking and drinking. I knew that he has anger and forgiveness towards his family and some relations. I proposed to him why not give up resentment and anger….why not take a bold step to forgive those who have hurt and you have hurt. He was like lost. He said is that possible to do so. I proposed to him something, which was practical, and he agreed that it would be possible and easy to implement. He knew he was carrying a heavy load in his heart and mind. I proposed that first you need to forgive yourself and then extend your unconditional forgiveness to others in order that they may experience God’s unconditional forgiveness.

To lead a normal human life we need relationships, which are free of tensions, stress and problems. We see that sometimes-small problems go to end or break solid and long endured relationships because we are not able to forgive the others. We are happy to carry those things along with us as we go through in life. We are happy with the damage and harm that is doing to us. Forgiving others does not matter as the Satan has a strong hold on us. 

But unless and until we feel and experience God’s forgiveness in our lives we may not open up to others. As a result we just go on living complicated lives full of brokenness and darkness. Why we come across men and women who are so bitter that they spit out only venom against the others, but we have slowly allowed this venom to grow and allowed it to spread in every fibre of our being. This venom destroys us completely.

Today all around we hear the language of revenge in every nook and corner of the world. No one seems to be talking about a path of forgiveness, peace and reconciliation. Those who are kind and merciful are trying their best to sow the seeds but the Venom of sin is so strong that nothing works. We need to create environment and hearts which are ready to repent and contrite in order to create new hearts and minds. Let us speak the language of love and forgiveness. Let us allow the Lord to make us instruments of mercy and forgiveness…Let us not allow anyone to die without having experienced our forgiveness and that of God. Let us make the Gospel teaching a reality. Lent seasons will come every year giving us the opportunity of getting better and better each year.

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