Tuesday, September 26, 2017

General Curia Fraternity.....starts preparing for the General Chapter

The General Curia Fraternity dedicated full morning in order to discuss about the forthcoming general chapter in 2018. Br. Alejandro, General economus set the right tone for the discussion by highlighting numerous points like finance is not everything in fraternal life and life of the Order. There are issues, which we need to tackle and confront in order to be vibrant. We all speak and describe the context in which we live and work, in the same context the General Chapter will be celebrated in 2018. There are many realities and challenges, which the General chapter would have to touch and take decisions. There are provinces in the Order like in Asia and Africa where the Order is enormously increasing and on the other hand in Europe the numbers are dwindling. Both have something to offer and it has be reflected upon. The charism and spirituality lived in these two realities need to be studied and reflected upon. The courageous step on part of the Order would open many avenues to look beyond. There will be many who would like to share our charism and way of life

 Full participation on part of the Curia members who contribute a lot in the growth of the Order

 Every office in the Curia is part of the administration

 The General Minister then communicated what are the important things which we need to get ready immediately....the Agenda preparatory commission would be meeting from Thursday to Saturday

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