Friday, August 18, 2017

The importance of Project Management and Provincial Plan

Projects are specific, create something unique, temporary, have specific start and end dates, have limited resource

Project Management definition: the art and science of managing a project from inception to closure as evidenced by successful product delivery and transfer.
The application of knowledge, skills, tool and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements
Managing a project from its start to a successful outcome, start with a clear goal, assess for feasibility, plan according to scope, time, cost and quality expected and execute and constant monitoring….
Not really cycle…the process is really linear…concept, develop, execute and finish phases…
Phase in which a project is conceived…. investigation for feasibility of the project, commitment made to develop the plan, document should be in place to authorize the project manager to continue to pursue the development of the project, outline of the project, to be used in the next phase….

Previous document from the concept phase is flesh out, according to: scope, time, cost, quality, resources, communication and Risks….

Creation of a formal project management plan directs implementation of the project, used for the purpose of tracking the progress of the project.
Requesting funds from other sources comes at this phase, project management plan is submitted as part of the project

 Execute Phase

Ø  Project management plan is put into action,
Ø  Results are measured against the project management plan at the regular intervals, monitoring
Ø  If careful monitoring is not in place, there is a high risk that the project will always remain the execution phase and never be finished….
Ø  Cost overruns…. inability to adjust to needed modifications along the way, deadlines to finish the work that are extended multiple times, theft by workers, poor workmanship, etc…
Finishing phase
Ø  Not just a matter of ending the work
Ø  Formal verification and acceptance of the project goal
Ø  Identifying lessons learned and recommendations for future projects
Ø  Concluding report sent to all pertinent parties
Ø  Archival of all documentation from the entire process
Ø  Celebration of the projects completion
Ø  Additional review of the project a few months after its completion..

 Friars doing presentation.......Friar Antony Dhass presenting himself

Br Paully the provincial minister of st. Thomas welcomed all the participants.....
 Friar Francis presenting himself

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