Saturday, August 19, 2017

Project Managers Meet - Third and Final Day

Activity driven Vs. Results-driven approaches

Ø  The desired outcomes defined first
Ø  Activities are determined in accordance with the results
Ø  Activity driven study everything and hope for the best
Ø  Define as clearly as possible
Ø  The problem at hand
Ø  The change which one wishes to bring about
Ø  The results that would be required to bring about those changes
Ø  The activities necessary to produce the results, which would lead to those changes.

Proposals tend to run into trouble when they……

Ø  Are too general
Ø  Are unrealistic
Ø   Do not describe the problem in enough detail
Ø  Fail to provide evidence of local participation
Ø  Demonstrate poor capacity to implement the project
Ø  Have budgets which are too high and are not specific enough

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